The Word Forge

The thing about getting a blog is it needs to have a name.

It does if you’re me, anyhow. I’m somehow incapable of just calling it “Geoff’s Blog”.

But because it needs a name, I have to think of one. It has to be something a little off-the-beaten-track and poetic, but it has to be something I’m willing to live with long-term, because I don’t think you can change these things that easily. Maybe you can, and I’m just ignorant, but I think once you name it it’s kind of set.

 I’ve needed to get a blog for some time now. I’ve been using Facebook as a sort of portal to share my thoughts, but the more meaty, weighty and verbose mode I seem to be drifting into really would do better in a blog format.

I know this, but I’ve been stymied for lack of an appropriate name.

 Until now.

 About a year or so ago, I was playing around with the letters of my name, and I realised that it anagrammed to OH YE FORGE OF WORDS. I thought this was apt, given my interest in creating languages, poetry and writing, and so it rattled around in my head for a while. Then, as I was contemplating my need to get a blog, it dawned on me that that idea precisely matched what I want to do.

I plan to use this as a repository of all my musings on weighty topics like the Bible, faith, truth and the like. All the things that take too long to really delve into for Facebook to be a good medium for.

I intend it as sort of a teaching site, I suppose. A way to cast the Word into the souls of my hoped-for readership like a metalworker casting bronze.

A Word forge, in other words.


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