6 Months On

As of next Monday, I’ve now been at this blogging thing for six months.

Depending on your perspective of time, that may be the blink of an eye or half an eternity or anything in between. I personally tend to take more of a historian’s view of time; my country has been around since at least 1066 even if you discount everything before the Norman conquest. You could conceivably go back to Julius Caesar’s landing in 55BC (August 26th, actually, so only a few days over 2068 years ago), or into the pre-Roman Celtic twilight, or even beyond that. After all, Stonehenge was built at about the same time period as the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

If you take the “grandfather” as a unit of time fifty years long (about the length of time it takes one generation to look down the passage of years and say to their second successors “ah, when I was a lad…”), the Battle of Hastings was a mere 19 grandfathers ago, and Julius Caesar only 41 grandfathers.

Six months really isn’t long at all.

On the other hand, in the rapidly-paced flow of things like the Internet or the Stock Market, six months is practically forever. Long enough for a market to go from blowing and going to beginning the slow climb out of the deeps of recession. Long enough for an Internet meme to go from unheard-of to old hat.

Six months is 264,960 minutes, or 15,897,600 seconds. Put like that, it sounds like a long time indeed. In that time approximately 66,240,000 new human beings have entered the world and 27,894,400 have left its coils. Porn has been viewed on the Internet for a shocking 7,487,239,680 man-hours. And more positively, an estimated 1,250,698 people have been added to the Kingdom of God.

Six months ago, ISIS were, as far as we in the West were concerned, a relatively minor Iraqi splinter group.

Six months ago, the Malaysian air crash was one of the top news stories.

As I think about the time since my first post (which has since been modified and expanded into the Why “The Word Forge”? Page), I’m struck both by how long and how short a time this is. Stacked up against blogs that have been going since there was such a thing as blogging, The Word Forge is still a newcomer; a mere babe in arms. On the other hand, 80-something posts is a respectable archive, and I’ve covered a fair amount of conceptual territory too. I still feel in some ways like this blog is still finding its feet, but in other ways, it’s more or less established. It’s got some history. It’s been around a while.

And the wonder of it all is that God is Master of both the short and the long. Lord of history, yet engaged in the moment and knowing each breath I breathe in. “Crown Him the Lord of years, the Potentate of time…” Or as Job put it: “He knows the way that I take”.


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