101 Posts to Read (During a Dull Sermon)

(With apologies to Adrian Plass for the title)

So for my 100th post, I ended up with something a bit rambling and non-directed about Abraham and Bronze Age combat. Not exactly what I consider my finest work for such a milestone, but that’s sometimes the way of it.

I was actually hoping that my 6-month anniversary of blogging and my 100th post would coincide, but alas, that would have required about 30 more blog posts than I had written at that point.

This post makes 101; a simple marking of a milestone and an expression of thanks to you, dear reader, for following my strange witterings and for putting up with my occasional descents into rambling.

The fact that people continue to want to read what I write is as gratifying as it is astonishing. Thank you, and may your tribe increase!


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