The Lord’s Prayer redux (with all the pointy bits)

The Lord’s Prayer is really deep, and quite pointed.  We’re so used to it, though, that we sometimes don’t notice.  The points get worn down with the abrasion of repetition.  So I decided to see if I could reword the prayer a little.  To take it out of its comfortable rhythm and force us to think about what we’re praying.  This isn’t the sum total of its meaning, but it’s a part of it.  With all of the pointy bits:


Our Father in Heaven, Source of our life both spiritual and physical.  All-glorious Creator of all things and Owner of the cattle on a thousand hills.

We pray that You would be glorified amongst us now.  We pray that Your Name would be lifted up, in our worship and in our working, in our meeting together and in our going forth to proclaim Your Gospel.  We pray that those who have not yet heard the Good News would be able to hear, and we offer and dedicate ourselves to that task.

We thank You for all Your goodness to us, in bringing us to Yourself and in providing for all of our needs.  We trust in Your power and Your goodness; Your ability and willingness to bless.

We ask Your forgiveness for when we have faltered and fallen of late, for when we have infringed on other people, or hurt them, or offended them, and we ask Your help in forgiving those who have offended and hurt us.  We ask Your blessing on them today.

We ask that You would keep us from the temptation to hold on to our offendedness, to demand our own way and to put our priorities ahead of Yours.  Protect us from the one who sows temptations and discord in the Body and who would devour us if he could.  We trust in Your Almighty power to shield us as we abide in You.

This earth is Yours, O God.  You are the Ruler, not us.  Have Your way among us, we ask.


In Jesus’ Name, amen.


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