Chivalric Virtues series

Over the early part of this last summer (2014) I created my first major series of posts for this blog: a series examining the virtues of chivalry.

I discovered a few things in the process of doing so, most notably that major series take a lot of organising, especially if you have a specific order in mind and want to keep up a regular or even semi-regular blogging schedule.

I’m afraid that that level of organisation is beyond me as often as not; the series ended up as a semi-intermittent gaggle of posts interspersed with other posts on other topics. Not the most organised way of doing it, but it worked.

However, I’d quite like to have a single place with at least links to all of the posts in the series, plus the assorted hangers-on around the edges. The series itself is sort of timeless: the idea of chivalry hasn’t let me go in 40+ years of life; I doubt I’ll wake up tomorrow and think it’s a load of rubbish. A Page is the perfect medium for that sort of thing.

So as The Word Forge enters its second calendar year of existence, I thought I’d add another page to my site. Here is the series in its entirety, from the precursor post (When A Knight Won His Spurs) to the series proper (complete with symbolic ties to the seven Mediæval Planets) to the several tangential follow-on posts:


The Series

Associated Posts


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