‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – A Parody

Ok, so I wrote this last year, not this year. ┬áBut it’s still true, and still funny.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the flat
The family were busy with this and with that
The children were nestled all snug in their beds
While parental threats did resound in their heads
The parents were tidying, cleaning and wrapping
“We vacuumed this morning, so how’d this mess happen?!”
When from down the hall there arose such a clamour
I swear, if we have to use nails and a hammer…!
And what to my half-bleary eyes should appear
But three little kids with wide grins ear to ear?
We bustled, we chivvied, we tucked them back in,
Then at last settled down, thinking “Ahhh… did we win?”
Then on with the wrapping, though tired and yawning
‘Cause Christmas Day comes far too soon in the morning.
At last we were finished! We looked at the tree,
The pile of wrapped presents, now-cold mugs of tea,
The clock with its hands saying some wretched time
Too late to be wakeful and think up a rhyme
And we smiled as the wee hours slipped past out of sight
Merry Christmas to you, in what’s left of the night.